Admission & Visa Advisory

Where would you like your quest
for knowledge to take you?

Wherever it is, we can make it happen!

Studying abroad not only fulfils academic goals, but also lets you experience a new culture, language and world filled with boundless life-changing opportunities. Arranging all the details can seem overwhelming, but lucky for you, Propel Worldlink is here to help! 

We are committed to providing you incredible international experiences which will set you up for success during and after the completion of your course of study. With our positioning as the leading, preeminent study abroad expert, you can derive comfort in the knowledge that you are in the right hands. 

Your success is our success.

We can support you through all intricate aspects of getting you to your educational destination of choice. Our offer of support and guidance covers vital aspects such as:

  •  course selection
  • country selection
  • university selection and admissions
  • visa application
  • tickets etc.

Most importantly, we take great pride in our ability to provide an unrivalled Post-Arrival Programme covering:

  • airport pick-up
  • accommodation provision
  • Arrival / Welcome to New Country Induction (settling into your new country)
  • help with securing a job in line with your visa requirements
  • post-degree employment support
  • PWL Exclusive Professional Enhancement Mentorship Programme (for specific pathways)
  • Residency application, should you wish and qualify 
  • and any other needs or requirements you may have.

We understand how daunting being in a new country could be, especially the aspect of you navigating your way to success in that country, placing yourself in a position to be able to positively contribute to the progress of your new destination. We can help you transform the process to a seamless one, allowing you the peace of mind to focus on your goals and only those components which will allow your longings to come to fruition.

We have all it takes to turn your Study Abroad dreams into reality.